Who’s It For

The Stride relies on the energy and contributions of its members to create an exceptional experience and lasting impact.

  • Maybe you’re a seasoned community leader or you’ve just started your career. Perhaps you’re an entrepreneur, part of the business community or come from the non-profit sector. Either way, there is something here for you.
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The Stride Community

Be part of our broad community of engaged Striders. Monthly e-newsletters will keep you up to date on topics like equity, anti-racism, leadership, reconciliation, and accessibility. Through our newsletter you’ll also learn about upcoming social events, as well as events featuring compelling and timely keynote speakers.

No formal commitment required – participate as much or as little as you like!

The Stride Academy

Ready to dive deeper? The Stride Academy is a set of leadership development workshops designed to support you to become a community changemaker. These workshops will provide you with a deeper understanding of systemic issues, and consider how you (and your organization) might bring about lasting change.

The date, time, cost, and registration link for all sessions will be shared through The Stride Community newsletter and on the Events page.

Note: many of these workshops are required prerequisites to participate on Stride Advisory Circles and Special Projects.

The Stride Advisory Circles

The Stride is a participant-driven platform, and we seek input from Striders on a regular basis to ensure we are creating an experience that is meaningful and valuable to them.

Striders can volunteer on several advisory circles that help inform the direction of the program. Examples of circles include: Programming & Content, Equity & Anti-Racism, Legacy Projects.

Note: any Strider wishing to participate on an advisory circle must meet the minimum prerequisites or demonstrate equivalent training.

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